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Radiology and Ultrasound

Digital Radiology      

We offer digital radiography for faster, better quality radiographic examinations.  Our equipment includes the Asteris DR System, FujiFilm FCR XG-1 Smart CR, three portable x-ray units, a Picker PFM90 radiograph tube, and a Bucky wall grid that enables us to perform abdominal, thoracic, skull and spinal films.  Our portable units allow us to take radiographs on the farm as well as in the hospital.


Ultrasound is an excellent non-invasive diagnostic tool.  We have both portable and in-hospital ultrasound machines that allow us to perform reproductive examinations, thoracic ultrasound to evaluate the lungs and heart, abdominal ultrasound to evaluate organs such as the liver, kidney and spleen, and lameness diagnosis such as tendon injury.  Ultrasound can also be useful to locate foreign bodies such as wood splinters in puncture wounds and abscesses.