Regulatory Medicine

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Coggins papers and health certificates are required for transporting your horse between states and for international travel. 

The Coggins test is the federally required AGID test that determines the EIA (Equine Infectious Anemia) status of your horse.  If a horse is positive for EIA, it is not allowed to be transported unless to a specially licensed handling facility.  This test should be performed annually, and owners should carry a current Coggins form at all times when transporting horses across state lines.  Most Coggins tests take several days for results so plan accordingly before you travel.  If a faster turn-around time is needed, a stat ELISA test can be performed, and results are available in 24 hours (extra charges will be applied). 

Certificates of Veterinary Inspections, or health certificates, are required for entry into other states and for most shows.  These forms require a current Coggins and brief physical examination to ensure the shipping of healthy animals.  We offer both a 30 day health certificate as well as a 6 month health certificate through our digital service Global VetLink.  Clients can set up a MyVetLink account as well as the app to access their coggins and certificates of veterinary inspection at any time.  For international travel, health certificates are more involved and require the signature of the federal veterinarian.  Please allow adequate time for the preparation of these papers before you travel.  For travel within the state of Nevada, you must have current valid brand inspection papers.  For more information, visit the State of Nevada Department of Agriculture.