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Spring 2024 Equine Health Chronicle


Fall 2023: "Equine Recurrent Uveitis"
Spring 2023: "EOTRH and West Nile Virus"
Fall 2022:  "Traumatic Brain Injury and The Seriousness of Strangles"
Spring 2022:  "Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome in Horses and A Pain in the Back"
Fall 2021: "The Fall "Digest" and Pain in the Gut: Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Horses"
Spring 2021 "Managing the Overweight Horse and Importance of Vaccinating for Rabies"
Fall 2020 "Regenerative Therapies for Joint and Musculoskeletal Injuries and Sand Colic"
Spring 2020 "What to Expect When Your Mare is Expecting and Negative Palmar Angle"
Fall 2019 "EHV-1 Update, Colic - Is Surgery an Option"
Spring 2019 "Analyzing Bloodwork and Long Term Equioxx Use"
Fall 2018 "Pigeon Fever 101 and What to Expect in an Emergency"
Spring 2018 "Acupuncture and Recommended Equine Vaccinations"
Fall 2017 "Strangles Debriefing and Fire Safety & Emergency Response
Spring 2017 "Microchipping & The Basics of Breeding"
Fall 2016 "Equine Rabies, Applying a Stabilization Bandage"
Spring 2016 "Dentistry FAQs and Preventing Injuries in Equine Athletes"
Fall 2015 "Hoof Abscesses, How to Apply a Poultice"
Spring 2015 "Wellness Exam, Breeding Soundness Exam, and Routine Dental Care "
Fall 2014 "Colic: What to Expect, ColiCare Colic Assurance Plan"

Spring 2014 "Needle Arthroscopy & Urinary Obstruction in Pet Goats"
Fall 2013 "Stifle Lameness & The Importance of a Prepurchase Examination"
Spring 2013 "Importance of Client Communication and Wound Healing & Proper Uses of Common Equine Medications"
Fall 2012 "Pigeon Fever & Common Equine Emergencies"
Spring 2012 "Factors for Vaccine Selection & Choosing the Right Therapy for Your Lame Horse"
Fall 2011 "MRI, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, & Common Equine Dental Abnormalities"
Spring 2011 "Feeding the Geriatric Horse & Quarter Cracks"
Fall 2010 "Sand Colic & Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy"
Spring 2010 "Tendon and Ligament Injuries & Targeted Deworming"
Fall 2009 "Preventing Winter Colic"
Spring 2009 "Preventative Medicine & Fly Prevention & Skin Protection & Common Skin Cancers"
Fall 2008 "What to Expect When Your Horse Requires Surgery & A to Z Surgical Procedures & Acupuncture in Performance Horse
Spring 2008 "Laminitis Prevention and Insulin Resistance & What to Expect When Your Mare is Expecting"
Fall 2007 "New Innovations in Equine Lameness"
Spring 2005 "Low Carb Diet for Horses"
Fall 2004 "West Nile & Fly Control"
Spring 2004 "Rehydration Study"
Fall 2003 "Age Relationship"
Spring 2003 "Dental Facts"
Fall 2002 "West Nile Virus"
Spring 2002 "Equine Behavior"
Fall 2001 "Gastric Ulcers"
Spring 2001 "Internal Parasites and Deworming"
Fall 2000 "Colic Alert"