Hoof Wall Resection

Hoof Wall Resection


This horse presented with a chronic draining abscess in the dorsal hoof wall that had been going on for several years and not responded to basic treatment. The potential cause of these abscesses was a traumatic event that compromised the coronary band.


The horse was sedated, and the distal limb was blocked. Using a dremel and nippers, the devitalized hoof wall was removed until healthy tissue was exposed.


After the resection, the area was treated with a betadine-sugar solution to help keep the tissues clean and dry.

Shoe Support A shoe was placed on the hoof to support while the new hoof wall grows. A protective bandage is also applied.


Two weeks following the resection reveals the tissue to be healthy and healing. It will take several months for the hoof wall to completely heal. Care will be taken during this time to keep the new tissue clean.